Daiwa Tournament 800 Seatbox TN800SB


Daiwa Tournament 800 Seatbox TN800SB


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Meet the Daiwa Tournament 800; Daiwa’s head-turning flagship seatbox.

After you get past the stunning look of the unit, the first impression you get when up close is just how well built and sturdy it is and that’s before you get to the features on this standout box.

Many seat boxes today come with 36mm legs but Daiwa has taken it further with the innovative System 36.  Not only does it have 36mm telescopic legs all around but a unique 180° rotating locking mechanism that means you can position the handwheels at the front, side, or back of the box!!!

The box is aluminium and steel construction so will be able to take some stick on the bank and has an integrated retractable footplate

This box also comes with more extras than a lot of other boxes with a shallow 20mm winder tray and 2 shallow drawer units on top.  the drawer units are customisable to your need as both have removable dividers so you can set the drawers up how you like them.

Underneath the box, there is the lift-out stacker system which includes 3 winder trays containing 64 slide winders.

The mud feet and two-tone pole seat complete the unit.