Drennan Super Spade Micro Barbed Hooks to Nylon


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Drennan Super Spade Micro Barbed Hooks to Nylon

8 barbed hooks tied to 35cm of extra strong, low diameter mono.

Available in sizes 10 to 18.

Size 10 – The incurved needle point on these super strong size
10's provides a really excellent hook hold so few fish are lost. tied to
8lb line the rig is more than capable of landing double figure Barbel or

Size 12 – In 0.60mm diameter forged wire size 12 Super Spades are
extremely strong and just the right size to hold a wide variety of
slightly bigger baits, paste, meat, worm, bread and popular combination
baits like sweetcorn and maggot.

Size 14 – These 14's are suitable for a wide range of baits:
sweetcorn, pellet, paste, worm etc and an equally wide range of quality
fish from Chub & Barbel on the rivers to big Bream and Tench on

Size 16 – These hooks have landed double figure Barbel fishing
single caster in conjunction with a big oval blockend feeder filled with
hemp and caster. tied to 5lb mono they are ideal when fishing small
baits for big fish.

Size 18 – The size 18 Super Spades in 0.43mm gauge wire are
forged for added strength and tied to 4lb line they are capable of
landing seriously big fish. ideal for double maggot for Chub and Barbel.

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Size 10 to 8lb, Size 12 to 7lb, Size 14 to 6lb, Size 16 to 5lb, Size 18 to 4lb

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