Sakura Sodium EEL 165mm 21gr

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The Sodium Eel is a ready-to-fish soft lure that perfectly imitates a prey prey of the sea bass: the Sandeel. It is well known that this small eel fish is a favorite prey for all marine predators on the Atlantic coast and Sakura have designed the Sodium Eel using these codes.

In addition to the realistic shape of its silhouette, we have added a specific jig head which further accentuates the mimicry and which adapts perfectly to the shape of the body of the Sodium Eel. This incorporates a VMC 7346 hook with a 60° angled shank which gives it an anti-snag and anti-weed weapon. This advantage allows Sodium Eel to be used as close as possible to the bottom and in the algae without clinging to it. You will be able to flush out the biggest predators where they are!





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