Salmo Lil Bug Floating 3cm 3g Green Bug


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Salmo Lil Bug Floating 3cm 4.3g

Salmo Lil' Bug is a surface wobbler – more commonly known as a 'Wake
Bait'. As the name suggests, it tempts the fish by disturbing the water
surface and creating a wake. This means you can grab the attention of
your target predator even when the water is coloured. Inside the body of
the lure is Salmo's ingenious casting system called the Salmo Infinity
Cast System (SICS). This special development enables you cast incredible
distances with a tiny lure and therefore reach those usually unreachable
spots. Salmo Lil' Bug is fitted with incredibly sharp and strong
Japanese designed treble hooks. Lil' Bug is especially suited for
catching Chub, Ide and Asp but can also be effective on other species
that feed close to the water surface such as Perch and Trout.

  • 3cm long, weight 4.3g
  • One treble hook, size 10
  • Surface lure
  • Individually hand tuned and tank tested


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