Savage Gear Sandeel V2 14cm 33g


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Product Description

With a lively kicking action on both the drop and the retrieve, this super realistic sandeel imitation will fool even the wariest of predator fish. The unique jig head helps to ensure the lure moves with a perfect rolling and darting action. The Pro Peg body holder makes it possible to peg the body to the head with a toothpick, creating a very simple and secure hold. The soft PVC body comes pre-rigged with an internal glass rattle that gives off a provoking sound to any nearby hunting fish. One of the key features of the Savage Gear Sandeel V2 for bass fishing from the shore is its realistic swimming action. The soft plastic body of the lure has a natural-looking movement when retrieved, which makes it appealing to bass and other predatory fish. The lure is designed to mimic the movement of a live sandeel, which is a common prey for bass in many coastal areas. When fishing for bass from the shore, it is essential to choose a lure that is suitable for the conditions and the type of fish you are targeting. The Savage Gear Sandeel V2 is available in different sizes and colors, giving anglers a range of options to choose from depending on the location and time of day. For instance, during low light conditions, it is best to use a brighter color lure that will be easier for the fish to see. The Savage Gear Sandeel V2 can be fished using a range of retrieval techniques, including a steady retrieve, a twitch and pause retrieve, or a stop-and-go retrieve. Using a combination of these techniques can help make the lure more enticing to the fish and increase the likelihood of a strike. Overall, the Savage Gear Sandeel V2 is an effective lure for bass fishing from the shore. Its realistic swimming action and versatility make it a popular choice among anglers. If you are planning to go bass fishing from the shore, consider adding the Savage Gear Sandeel V2 to your fishing gear and try it out for yourself.
  • Super realistic details
  • Lively kicking action on both retrieve and drop
  • Darting jig head design
  • Forged carbon steel hook in tin finish in #3/0 – 4/0 – 5/0 –6/0
  • Removeable glass rattle in body
  • Pro Peg holder for effective hold
  • Spare tail included
  • Toothpicks supplied for Pro Peg mount


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