Shakespeare Feathered Sandeels Size 2


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The feathered sand eel sea rig is a popular and effective fishing rig designed to target cod, bass, and pollock. This rig consists of five hooks, each equipped with a feathered jig or lure that mimics the natural movement of a sand eel, a favored prey of these predatory fish.

The rig is typically made with a 60lb monofilament line, which has sufficient strength and durability to withstand rigors of constant Catching /Jigging.  The size 2 hooks used in this rig are typically chosen for their versatility and ability to catch a wide range of fish sizes.

The feathered sand eel sea rig is particularly effective when fished near the bottom, as it closely resembles the behavior of live sand eels. The pleasing fluttering motion of the feathers on the lure attracts predatory fish, luring them in and encouraging them to strike.

Overall, this rig is an excellent choice for anglers looking to target cod, bass, and pollock, and is sure to yield great catches during any fishing trip


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