Shakespeare Salt XT Beach Shelter


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Shakespeare Salt XT Beach Shelter

Tough sturdy lightweight and easy to assemble shelter offers the shore and beach angler the ultimate in base camp comfort and weather protection. The shelter is very spacious allow room for up to 2 anglers to sit side by side and plenty of room for all the tackle baits and other equipment needed in today’s longer sessions. Wide side and rear external flaps at ground level allow sand shingle or rocks to be heaped on to keep the shelter secured to the ground. Flaps also have strong tent peg eyelets, with tent pegs supplied for additional security in strong winds. Easy to put up with a little practice, should take little more than a minute. Supplied with a carry bag too!
size: 552 (140cm) High x 5ft (150cm) Deep x 9ft (270cm) Width please note these are approximate sizes as the shelter can be squeezed in or up to change dimensions Gerry’s Highly recommend this product!

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