Shimano TLD 15 Lever Drag


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Shimano TLD 15 Lever Drag Reel

This is our favourite model ofthe TLD range. It’s the smallest but can still take 300 yards of 50lb braid and be used for wreck fishing. Due to it’s size it can also be used for Tope fishing and general bait fishing. The iconic Shimano lever drag multiplier reel used all around the world in both fresh and saltwater. Wherever you fish in the world, you will find Shimano TLD reels being used by anglers in both fresh and saltwater. TLD’s are a tried and tested product which is widely regarded as being the industry standard in terms of affordable, high performance, lever drag multiplier reels. The design meets the demanding requirements of British sea anglers who typically load their reels with either monofilament or braided lines.

  • Feature’s
  • Capacity 350 yds 25lb Mono
  • Ratio 4.0:1
  • 4 x Shimano ARB Bearings
  • Body XT-7 Composite
  • Waterproof Drag
  • Dicast Aluminium Spool
  • Free Spool Clicker
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