Sidewinder Super Shads Bass Pack 4″


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Sidewinder Super Shads Bass Pack 4″

After the BIG one? These proven Bass catching colors, are the favorite choice of commercial line anglers and have proven time and time again to be deadly for Bass , especially in clear waters.

The original and best-selling range of ultra-realistic Shads. With its famous ‘Original’ Sidewinder swimming action, that’s often copied but never beaten! Built-in holographic inserts for fabulous fish attraction.

Sidewinder shads are a highly realistic lure that mimics the look and action of real baitfish in the water. They are designed with an extremely life like swimming action that makes them irresistible to predatory fishes.

These lures feature ultra-sharp Mustad hooks that are engineered to deliver optimum performance and increase your hook-up ratio. They are crafted from high-quality soft plastic that is designed to provide a realistic feel when fish take, so they hang on that little bit longer.

With their incredibly realistic look, Side winder shads are perfect for enticing predatory fish such as bass, cod, pollock, and even pike.

So if you want to catch more fish and increase your chances of success on the water, Side winder shads are the perfect lure for you. Their realistic appearance, natural swimming action, and ultra-sharp hooks make them a must-have for any angler.

No Gimmicks just the best action in the best colours. Fish like a Pro!!

If you are wrecking these are a must , you shouldn’t leave home with out them 

Precisely weighted and fitted with Mustad 32786bn hooks. Shimmer Skin finish for all colors and 3D eyes.


Sidewinder Super Holo Shads

Fish like a Pro!


  • Mustad 32786bln hooks
  • 4 per pkt No Holographics
  • No Gimmicks just the best action in the best colours.
  • Fish like a Pro!!
  • 25 grams each


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