Akios Shuttle 555 STR Kuro


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Rapala Max Rap Walk n Roll 13cm 29 gm

A heavy duty surface lure designed for casting and fishing in rough
condition normally means the Bass are on the hunt. Weighted for maximum
casting distance also helping to cut through head winds gaining that
extra distance when needed. The weighting balances the lure nicely on
the retrieve helping to effectively work the lure through choppy seas.

Offering a number of retrieve options with a steady retrieve inducing a
side to side roll and causing the slightly cupped face to kick up a spit
of water each time it digs into the surface.

A twitch and pause retrieve will give you a great walk the dog action.
If the fish are being really aggressive then a fast crank will make it
skit across the surface leading to some hard smash takes.


Length 13cm

Casting Weight 29gm

Top Water / Surface Lure Floating

2 x VMC Needle Sharp Treble Hooks

Long Casting Aerodynamic Design

Additional information

Weight 800 g


Sea Fishing


Sea Reels


Casting Multipliers


Star Drag Multipliers

Reel Ratio

Line Capacity


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