Breakaway Swivel Ts (10 Per Pack)


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The Breakaway Swivel Tees is like a micro boom which helps keep the snood clear of the main line.

They are perfect for making neat flapper rigs and adding in Breakaway Swivel Tees greatly reduces the risk of the hook snood tangling around the rig body.

When mounted between two crimps the swivel tee is free to rotate on the trace to give improved bait presentation.

Each pack contains 10 ‘Tees’ and 10 matching high quality Breakaway rolling swivels.

Mini stand-off boom

Tough plastic body

Rotates freely on the rig body

Perfect for making flapper rigs

Helps reduce tangles

Keeps the swivel at the perfect 90° stand-off

Fix into place by using stop knots or crimps

Comes complete with high quality rolling swivel

Easy to assemble and fit – diagram on packet

10 per packet


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