Cox & Rawle SCR32 Chinu Hooks


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Product Description

Cox and Rawle Chinu Hooks

 A medium/heavy gauge wire with a short shank, turned-out eye, forged round bend, and offset curved point.

In smaller sizes these hooks are perfect for small bait and species such as bream, wrasse, mullet, and whiting but still retain plenty of strength to give you added confidence should a big fish pick up your bait.

In  2/0, 3/0, and 5/0 these have become a very popular hook for targeting Smoothhounds and Bass with crab bait 

Using a Chinu as the top hook on a pennel rig increases your hook-up rate with barely a bite being missed. The hook can either be fixed in place with a ‘knotless’ knot or as a sliding top hook.

The turned-out eye allows you to use a knotless knot rather than a conventional knot.

Sizes and Qtys

  • Size 8, pkt of 10
  • Size 6, pkt of 10
  • Size 4, pkt of 9
  • Size 2, pkt of 8
  • Size 1, pkt of 7
  • Size 1/0 pkt of 7 
  • Size 2/0, pkt of 5
  • Size 3/0, pkt of 4


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