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Power Gum is one of the handiest bits of tackle to have on you, and this Drennan offering is one of the best of the bunch. With a myriad of uses, Power Gum is most often used to create strong, grippy, stop knots on your mainline Because of its thick and rubbery consistency, Power Gum allows you to create tight knots that bite into your mainline without damaging the line itself. This means that you can design rigs with confidence every time.


Its thin 0.65mm diameter ensures that you can create exceptionally tight knots whilst at the same time allowing your line to glide through your rod rings with ease. Supplied on a 10m spool, this Power Gum is available in either brown or red. So, whether you want to mask your knot or make it stand out, there is a Power Gum for you. With a breaking strain of 14lb, this is perfect for most angling situations. If you’re looking for a knot-tying solution, why not throw Drennan’s Power Gum into your tackle box.

Diameter: 0.65mm

Breaking Strain: 14lb / 6.3kg

Spool Size: 10mtrs


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