Dynamite Baits Particles Jars


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Frenzied HempseedThis product is available in original spicy chilli and garlic flavours stored in both tins and jars.All of the baits are cooked inside the packaging so that all of the oils and natural attractants from the hemp are retained and no preservatives are added so you are getting a totally natural bait.The 2.5l jars are ideal for long sessions or when you know you will need a lot of bait and the 700g tine are perfect for storing in your carryall or rucksack just in case you might need them.Frenzied Hempseed is now also available in smaller 350g tins which are ideal for short sessions or when you don’t need much bait.Frenzied Mixed ParticlesA mixture of Dynamite Baits’ finest particles all cooked and prepared to the highest standard.This is an excellent bait when you are looking to create a bed of feed as the different baits in the mix ensure that fish don’t get pre-occupied feeding on just the one food item.You can get the Mixed Particles in 2.5l jars or 600g tins.Frenzied Tiger NutsThese tiger nuts are ready to use straight from the jar or tin and require no preparation at all.You can buy them in three different versions – Monster chopped and mini. The chopped ones are ideal for inclusion in spod and stick mixes whereas the mini ones are great to use as a bed of feed with a Monster fished on the hook so that it really stands out.All are cooked in the jar or tin which means all of the sugars and fish feeding stimulants that normally get lost during the cooking process will remain in the tin.New for 2010/11 is Frenzied Chilli Tiger Nuts. These tigers have been cooked with chopped chilli’s which is a great stimulant that really arouses the taste buds of carp and triggers them into feeding.Frenzied MaizeFeeding Maize and fishing with a small stack of it on a hair rig is a very effective way of fooling carp and other big fish on waters where they have seen a lot of boilies and wised up to them.Maize looks a bit like giant sweetcorn and shares many of the same properties such as its sweet juice which is stored within the can as it is packed and then cooked.Large jars are available for times when you want to fish with a bed of bait or you can get tins for times when you only want a few hookbait samples.

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