Fox Edges Arma Point Wide Gape Beaked Barbless Size 6 Barbless


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Fox Edges Arma Point Wide Gape Beaked Barbless

It has taken them many years to design, develop and test
this new range of fox edges hooks. Fox haven’t simply picked up a hook
manufacturers catalogue and picked out a few patterns off the shelf, oh
no, they have drawn up the patterns from scratch using the latest CAD
software packages to ensure that every single detail in every single
pattern is exactly how they need to be for the modern carp angler. The
end result is an Edges Arma Point hook range that features eight
patterns, and that are in our opinion and that of Fox's angling
consultants, the strongest and sharpest out of the packet hooks you will
find on the market.

Edges Wide Gape Beaked barbless

• Improved version of the original Arma Point SSBP design

• Perfect for both bottom bait and pop-up presentations

• Utilize Arma Point technology

• Needle-sharp beaked point

• Beaked point makes hook perfect for bottom bait fishing on hard gravel

• 10 degree inturned eye

• Non-reflective dark coating

• Super-strong yet lightweight XC80 Vanadium forged steel construction

• Barbed sizes available: 4, 6, & 8

• Barbless size available: 6 & 8

• 10 per packet

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