Gemini Sinker System Anti Snag Fixed Grip Heads


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The Fixed grip wires give the maximum amount of grip because of the
distance of the grip wire from the mass of the sinker, and are
consequently least suitable for casting. They are therefore mainly used
from piers and boats where the tidal flow is strong, but because of the
height of the fisherman from the sea bed, they can be virtually lifted
out of position and are not required to be dragged across a large
expanse of obstacle strewn shallow water upon retrieval. However, given
the right conditions they are suitable for casting.

The fixed grip wires are straight when you get them and can be bent to
the required shape. We consider the curved shape illustrated on this
page to be the optimum for gripping power, but the choice is yours!

Also, the wires can be cut shorter and/or the sleeving removed to alter
the dynamics of the sinker as required.

The Anti-Snag Fixed Grips are made from a 1.2mm stainless steel wire
that holds well in strong currents. This variation of Fixed Grip Heads
will give against snags upon retrieval, making it suitable for beach

Anti-Snag Fixed Grip Kit Contents:

•4 x Anti-Snag Fixed Grip Heads

•16 x Anti-Snag Fixed Grip wires

•4 x Anti-Snag PVC Sleeve

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