Gerrys 3 Way Swivels (20 Per Pack)


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Gerrys 3 Way Barrel Swivels

These swivels are essentially a barrel swivel, fitted with an additional eye that revolves and moves freely around the main swivel. This means you get virtually zero tangles with your lead link when fishing with bait or a floating Devon minnow lure. They also help improve efficiency on a wide variety of rigs.

You can use these swivels for a wide variety of uses and they have a strong, durable construction for maximum reliability

These 3-way barrel swivels are great for simplifying boat and beach rigs.

Available in three different sizes

• Size 10 (Qty 20s – For lighter beach rigs)

• Size 4 (Qty 20s – For general and light boat)

• Size 1 (Qty 20s – Heavier boat fishing)


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