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The Gherkes Xink Fly Sink is the sinking version of the Gink. Gink and Xink have been around a long time. They work well, are convenient. They’ve stood ‘the test of time’ and is trusted by many fly anglers.

George Gehrkes Xink was an instant hit with fly fishermen when it was released in the 90’s and is still considered the best fly sinkant available in the world. Used to sink flies or leaders, this liquid will help to present the at the depth of the waters where the fish are feeding. It is an essential tool in any fly anglers toolbox.

As well as being invisible, Xink fly sinkant is temperature sensitive and works best at body temperature hence always squeeze a drop onto your forefinger and make it more fluid by rubbing against your thumb.

You can wipe the liquefied floatant onto the hackles, tail and wings or even the body of your fly without it caking. It is suggested by Leeda to use sparingly for best results with Xink fly sinkant.


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