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Introducing our latest breathable boot foot wader, perfect for all types of fishing, especially when you’re on the move. These waders are designed to offer exceptional breathability, making them a great choice for long walks as you won’t feel sweaty like you would in standard waders or neoprene. The waders boast excellent mobility and feature adjustable braces that can be tailored to fit your body type and height, ensuring that you stay comfortable throughout your fishing trip. The large front pocket is spacious enough to store essentials like fly boxes, while the flip-out pocket provides safe housing for your phone. In addition to the large pockets, there are small pockets ideal for storing smaller items like leader materials, lure clips, and line clippers. These pockets are handy for keeping essentials easily accessible, so you do not have to keep reaching into larger pockets. The waders come with a medium-cut boot that offers good support for outdoor pursuits. With a 12,000mm membrane, they are both waterproof and breathable, keeping you dry and comfortable even in wet weather. Along with the boot foot is a strong nylon belt that adds a layer of security to ensure the wader stays in place. In conclusion, the breathable boot foot wader is the perfect choice for anglers who need breathable, long-lasting waders that provide both flexibility and mobility. With adjustable braces, multiple pockets, medium-cut boot, and a 12,000mm membrane, these waders offer everything you need to stay comfortable and productive during your fishing adventures. Features ;
  • Medium-cut boot
  • Large front pocket for storing fly boxes
  • Adjustable braces
  • Flip-out pocket
  • 12,000mm membrane
  • Includes strong nylon belt


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