PENN Tidal Beach Caster 13ft 4-8oz 2pc & PENN Tidal XT 8000 Longcast Combo


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Product Description

PENN Tidal Beach Caster 13ft 4-8oz 2pc & PENN Tidal XT 8000 Longcast Combo.

The Rod

Penn Tidal XR Beachcaster 13′

With a lightning-quick recovery this new 2 pc Tidal range of fishing rods, is suitable for most types of beach fishing and at a price that won’t break the bank what more could you want?

With a powerful and balanced butt section allowing a smooth loading of power and the blended tips recovery speed gives a pleasant casting style that equals extra distance with little effort. Catering for varied ground conditions, suitable for either reel type.

A sliding reel seat allows you to put the seat in the most comfortable position for you, These sliding reel seats do not only allow for extreme versatility when it comes to the reel used,The rods are fitted with durable saltwater resistant guides and the blanks have been optimized for extreme casting distances.


Casting Weight 100-225gm (4-8oz)Optimum casting weight 170gm (6oz)

Tubular tip for excellent casting properties

Sensitip for perfect bite registration

24T/30T Carbon blank

Durable SW-proof guides

Slim and strong blank

Sliding reel seat for versatile usage

Extreme casting distance properties


The Reel

Penn Tidal XT 8000 Longcast

When you need fishing tackle you can rely on. The one name that stands out above all the rest in the saltwater reel category for out-and-out strength and durability, its got to be PENN.

Now a reel that surf casting anglers have been crying out for, an impressively strong and lightweight casting fixed spool reel that is designed with long-distance in mind. No stone has been left unturned in PENN’s mission to create a superb surfcasting reel, including a rigid and lightweight body and rotor made from XRC carbon, a durable CNC gear machined from premium metals, and a near impervious sealed drag with HT-100 carbon washers that don’t allow a drop of water, dirt, or sand inside.

The pièce de resistance of this resilient reel is in its casting. The Rocket Spool Design has been specifically engineered to help accurate and long-distance casting an easy job. This is partly down to the spool’s shape and design, but also due to PENN’s innovative X-Slow Leveline technology, which allows the reel to achieve more than 50 wraps of line per single spool oscillation. This means you’ll achieve impeccable line lay, which helps the line fly freely from the spool cast after cast. It also makes retrieving long casts much easier.

Finally a reel with 2 spools that are the same size both deep spools so no hunting around for a spare spool like the old spinfishers.

No less than 9+1 sealed ball bearings contribute to the silky-smooth performance when winding in or playing a fish. The Quick Drag system allows you to quickly switch between the drag and free spool functions. Two included line reducers can be attached to the spool meaning you’ll never use more line than you need.

Go into battle with a companion by your side that you can trust to get the job done


Capacity 0.35mm/530M 0.40mm/305M

Strong and durable CNC gear

Special spool designed for effortless distance casting

Waterproof drag with sealed HT-100 carbon washers

X-Slow Leveline spool design

9+1 sealed ball bearings

Quick Drag to switch between free spool and drag

Strong and lightweight XRC body and rotor

Aluminum spare spool the same size as the original

Two sets of line reducers


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