PENN Wrath II Surf Rods


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2 Year Warranty?

This covers manufacturing rod faults for 2 years from the original date of purchase. This doesn’t cover guides, reel seats or shrink tube.

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Product Description

The Penn Wrath II Surfcast Rod is the ideal option for both the beginner and experienced shore fishing angler who is looking for a quality high performing rod that will not break the bank.

These rods feature a robust, responsive blank that offers the perfect blend of strength and sensitivity, ensuring you’re ready for anything the surf has to offer.

The anti-slip casting grip ensures a secure hold, even when wet. This ergonomic design also means you can cast further and more accurately and prevents your hand from becoming fatigued during those longer sessions.

The Wrath II Surfcast Rod incorporates high-quality titanium oxide guides that significantly enhance its overall durability. These guides minimize friction, enabling you to make long, smooth casts, time after time.

Designed with a super sensitive tip ensuring that you’ll feel every bite, ensuring that your catch rate will increase.

Each rod is a 3-piece configuration and comes supplied with a protective cloth rod bag for keeping your rod in top condition when storing or transporting.

 Each rod is finished in an aesthetically pleasing black and gold coloration.

Key features:
Robust Blank: Strong and sensitive for surf fishing.
Anti-Slip Casting Grip: Secure even when wet, ergonomic for better casting.
High-Quality Guides: Titanium oxide for enhanced durability and long, smooth casts.
Super Sensitive Tip: Ensures you feel every bite.
3 Piece Configuration: Convenient for storage and transport.
Length: 15ft Casting Weight: 250g.


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