Sticky Baits The Krill Tuff Ones

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Sticky Baits The Krill Tuff Ones

Because of our uncompromising stance on bait quality, we produce freezer
baits that are fairly soft, which we believe is key to making our baits
the very best around.

Because of this, plenty of our customers have asked us for hard hook
baits, so that they can fish with confidence where small fish,
persistent birds, or crays impact their fishing. Well, we’ve listened,
and these special hardened Krill hook baits are the result. They might
be super-tough, but crucially they contain all the same liquid and
powdered attractants that you’ll find in the Krill freezer baits, so you
can fish with just the same levels of confidence that you would if you
had an out-of-the-bag bait on!

The Krill Tuff Ones are available in 16mm or 20mm.

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