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NEW MODEL Tronix Pro Beach Trolley

The Tronixpro Beach Trolley is a large capacity trolley that is quick and
easy to setup. It has been designed to carry tackle boxes, bait and other
accessories from the car to the fishing mark. Made from alimunium it is
lightweight but incredibly strong, allowing the angler to load as much kit
as required. It can carry large tackle boxes, bait buckets, clothes, cool
boxes, pretty much anything needed for a session! The Trolley will fold
completely flat, allowing it to be stored in the boot of a car without it
taking up too much space.

Due to its construction from aluminium it is light in weight, so it is easy
to take out and put back in the car and move around whilst loading. The
retractable handle makes it easy to adjust the height for maximum comfort.
To ensure the items can’t fall off and to protect them too, the trolley is
covered in a durable, sponge that is grippy and keeps items secure. This
is also present on the top of the handle too, ideal when conditions are
wet and cold. The large, 18cm pneumatic wheels make this a go to anywhere
loading trolley. Pneumatic wheels are more efficient at spreading the load
of the trolley weight, so it can be used over sand, shingle, small rocks,
piers and breakwaters.

Designed to take the strain out of any long walk to a fishing mark and also
for boat anglers, who are taking a large amount of kit to and from the
boat. Although designed specifi cally with the sea angler in mind, it
isn’t just restricted to that use. Pneumatic wheels make it the ideal
trolley for the coarse angler to load their gear onto on their way to
their peg. The large wheels make it the perfect, over ground trolley for
wading through mud, over uneven ground and vast fields.

Please Note: The trolley comes disassembled and the tyres will need
to be inflated before use.

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