Wychwood Carp Extremis Rods


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2 Year Warranty?

This covers manufacturing rod faults for 2 years from the original date of purchase. This doesn’t cover guides, reel seats or shrink tube.

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Product Description

The Wychwood Carp Extremis Rods are a great addition to any angler’s fishing gear. These rods are designed to provide high performance without breaking the bank. The rods boast a high modulus, lightweight carbon fibre blank that allows for increased sensitivity and control. The casting action of the Extremis Rods is progressive, making them capable of punching leads with ease and delivering a remarkable fish playing experience. With the ability to cast long distances, anglers can enjoy a versatile fishing experience, no matter the weather or condition. The rod also features an 18mm DPS-style reel seat that keeps the reel firmly in place, reducing the likelihood of the reel coming loose during casting. The custom-spaced guides of the rod are designed to reduce friction against the line, improving casting distance and accuracy. The 50mm butt ring and laser-etched butt cap are additional features that add functionality to the rod. The 50mm butt ring allows for smoother casting, while the laser-etched butt cap provides a firm and comfortable grip, ensuring that the rod does not slip from the angler’s hand. The Wychwood Carp Extremis Rods also offer understated graphics, making them subtle yet stylish. The design is neat and clean, providing a timeless and classic feel to the rod. What sets this rod apart is the full cork handle. The FC handle provides excellent grip, even in wet conditions. The cork material is resistant to water, providing a slip-free and comfortable grip throughout the day. The handle is also ergonomically designed to align with the angler’s hand, reducing fatigue and providing comfort during long fishing sessions. In conclusion, The Wychwood Carp Extremis Rods are a great value choice for any angler looking for high-performance rods. With its lightweight carbon fibre blank and progressive casting action, the Extremis Rods provide an excellent experience for both new and experienced anglers. The custom-spaced guides, 50mm butt ring, and laser-etched butt cap are excellent features that make casting easier and more comfortable. Finally, the full cork handle adds the final touch to the rod, making it comfortable, easy to hold and providing a secure grip in all conditions. Overall, the Wychwood Carp Extremis Rods are an excellent investment for any angler and are sure to provide tackle that can help deliver the perfect catch.   Features:
  • High-modulus, carbon fibre blank
  • 18mm DPS-style reel seat
  • Understated graphics
  • Custom-spaced guides
  • 50mm butt ring
  • Full Cork (FC)
  • Laser etched butt cap


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