Xorus Asturie 110 Top Water Lure 11cm 15g


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Product Description

The Xorus Asturie 110 is a hybrid style lure which fishes in a similar way to a needlefish lure but has a slightly stockier body giving it a profile similar to many bait fish.

When worked Xorus Asturie 110 gives a wide zig-zag action and although it normally floats and works on the surface you can get it to dive just below to give you an alternative action. The lure can be worked with a moderately fast retrieve or a slower retrieve.

In low light conditions or at night and ultra-slow retrieve can often lead to some savage takes.

A lure that all anglers on board should have in their box. The Asturia 110 is equipped with a Decoy TS 21 treble hook in size 4 under the belly and a YS 21 in size 4 in the tail.

Length 110mm

Weight 15gm

Surface lure

Can be made to dive slightly on the retrieve

Long slide, wide zig-zag, action

Fish with a slow to moderate retrieve

Strong construction

Built in rattle

2 x Decoy saltwater treble hooks


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