Xorus Frosty 2 12.9cm 15.5g


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Product Description

The Xorus Frosty II could be seen as the Xorus Patchinko’s slightly subtler and less brash cousin!

The Xorus Frosty II has the same angled face as the Patchinko but the body is slimmer and more streamlined which gives you the option to work it in a more subtle manner.

Where the Xorus Frosty II really scores is on those calm days when although the fish are on or near the surface normal lures are at best failing to work and at worst even scaring the fish. These are just the conditions when slowly working a Frosty II can induce a take from what may otherwise appear to be an uncatchable fish.

The tail weighted design gives you long accurate casting and built in rattles add to the attractiveness.

If you a re a Patchinko fan then adding a couple of Xorus Frosty II to your lure collection is a worthwhile move as it gives you a similar but different change bait which on its day can turn a poor day into a good day.

Fitted with 2 x Decoy trebles.


Top Water

Ultra subtle surface action

Walk the dog, slide or splash retrieve

Great on calm days

Designed to tempt finicky bass

Tail weighted

Long casting

Built in rattle

2 x Decoy saltwater trebles


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