Xorus Patchinko 125 – 12.5cm 18g


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Product Description

The Xorus Patchinko 125 is a mid-sized Patchinko that is perfectly weighted to hit the sweet spot on many of the latest fast-action lure rods. The Xorus Patchinko 125 is tail weighted which allows you to make long accurate casts and place the lure right where a feeding bass could be hanging out! The subtle action of the Xorus Patchinko 125 draws in the fish leading to some explosive surface sport. Normally a steady retrieve is all that is needed to get plenty of takes. Adding in a few pauses is always a good idea and if the fish are not responding then a slightly more aggressive ‘walk the dog’ retrieve will induce some strikes. The Patchinko 125 is equipped with a Decoy treble hook TS 21 in size 3 under the belly and YS 21 in size 3 in the tail. Length – 125mm Weight 18gm Long casting Subtle surface action Proven bass catcher Fitted with Decoy trebles


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