Abu Garcia Toby Lure


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Product Description

The Abu Toby is a famous Lure with a wobbling action that has been fooling fish for years. Great for bass, mackerel, and salmon too, and a lure that you really must have in your collection.
The classic Abu Toby has been around for longer than we can remember and is still as capable of catching all predatory sea fish as it has always been.

The fluttering action imitates an injured bait fish and if bass, mackerel, etc are attacking a shoal of whitebait an Abu Toby cast into the action will normally be nailed within seconds of starting to wind in.

In shallow water, a steady retrieve will work the lure near the surface but in deeper water, a sink-and-draw style often does the business.

Legendary lure

Good casting

Range of sizes and colors

Wobbling/fluttering action

Use a straight retrieve or fish sink and draw

Fitted with a single treble

Effective for bass, mackerel, and pollack


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