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The X change distance feeders complement the already strong range of
feeders in the guru catalogue. This x change feeder offers ultimate
versatility, and meets all international CIPS rules, meaning it can be
used in all world championship and international matches. The whole team
at guru has come together in the development of these and have been
tested for the last two years to tweak and perfect the range.

They cover a wide range of feeder fishing on an array of venues,
including lakes, rivers, large canals, loughs and open water commercials.

There are three sizes of feeder in cage and open end versions – small,
medium and large.

The feeders are developed with a super smooth profile on the outside, in
an optimum aerodynamic shape. This shape not only helps gain distance
and accuracy on the cast, but also helps the feeders retrieve smoothly.
The body of the feeders is also designed to come to the surface as quick
as possible on the retrieve, a great advantage when fishing near ledge,
shelves or snags.

The plastic material is strong an durable so is able to withstand being
hammered against buckets and bowls.

A key unique USP of the x change feeders is the ability to change the
weights on the feeders, simply by twisting to click them on and off. The
weights fit feeders throughout the range offering the most versatile set
of feeders on the market.

The weight design on the feeders is weight forward, for maximum distance
and accuracy. This system also helps reduce the amount of feeders
required on the bank!

Also in the range are two bait up feeders. These are designed for
feeding a quantity of bait at the start of a session, these also
incorporate the interchangeable weights.

The feeders come in packs of two: 20g and 30g in a pack for each size of
feeder, and 40g and 50g in a pack for each size of feeder. Weights are
also available separately, in packs of light weights and heavy weights.
Light weight packs consist of two 20g weights and two 30g weights. Heavy
weight packs consist of two 40g weights and two 50g weights. The bait up
feeders come in medium 20g and large 30g sizes, and a pack consists of
both size feeders each with a different weight that will interchange
with each other.

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