IMA Komomo II – 11cm 15g


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Product Description

The IMA Komomo II is a highly versatile fishing lure designed to target a wide range of fish species, including bass. It measures 110mm in length and weighs 15g, making it the perfect size for catching medium-sized fish in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

The Komomo II has a slender design that enables it to move through the water with a highly realistic action, mimicking the movements of small baitfish and other prey. The lure features a unique weight transfer system which enables anglers to cast it over long distances with remarkable accuracy, increasing the chances of attracting predatory fish.

This fishing lure has a highly reflective surface which reflects light and creates a shimmering effect underwater, further attracting the attention of fish. The Komomo II’s lifelike appearance, combined with its natural movement pattern and reflective surface, creates an excellent lure to target predatory bass species.

The lure’s construction is highly durable and can withstand tough fishing environments, and its high-quality treble hooks are corrosion-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use without affecting its performance. The hooks are sharp enough to easily hook bass and other predatory fish species, making them the perfect choice for experienced anglers and amateurs alike.

The IMA Komomo II comes in a range of natural colours specifically designed to match various conditions of water colour, and other factors, further increasing its versatility and effectiveness. Additionally, the lure’s easy-casting design and exceptional performance also make it ideal for fishing in both shallow and deep fishing spots, making it an all-round fishing lure.

In summary, the IMA Komomo II lure is a top-quality fishing lure that is perfect for targeting a range of bass and other predatory fish species. Its durable construction, natural-looking design, and reflective surface make it an exceptional choice for anglers looking to land their record catch.


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