PENN Spinfisher VII 5500 Spinning Reel


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The PENN Spinfisher VII 5500 Spinning Reel is a robust and reliable option for UK sea lure fishing enthusiasts who need a high-performing reel for offshore angling. This spinning reel has a reputation for providing exceptional performance in tough conditions, with features and design elements that are perfect for targeting the big game species in the UK seas. One of the most outstanding features of the PENN Spinfisher VII 5500 Spinning Reel is its full-metal body, which makes it highly durable and corrosion-resistant, offering the ability to withstand even the harshest marine conditions. Its CNC Gear Technology ensures accurate and precise alignment of the gears, providing smooth and flawless operation on every cast. In terms of specifications, the PENN Spinfisher VII 5500 Spinning Reel boasts a maximum drag of 25 lbs, providing substantial power to tackle any big game fish in the UK seas. It also has a gear ratio of 5.6:1 which provides enough speed and torque for effective retrieval. Furthermore, it offers a line capacity of 330 yards of 40lbs braided line, which is ideal for longer casts and efficient deep-sea fishing. The PENN Spinfisher VII 5500 Spinning Reel also features PENN’s HT-100 Drag System, an innovative design that provides reliable and smooth performance, even under the toughest conditions. Its line lay system promotes optimal casting distance, while the anti-reverse roller bearing eliminates back-play instantly. Overall, the PENN Spinfisher VII 5500 Spinning Reel is a strong and reliable spinning reel that genuinely delivers on its performance, and is one of the top options available for UK sea lure fishing. Its robust and durable construction, combined with the advanced drag system, provides the necessary pulling power to tackle even the largest fish in the UK offshore waters. It’s the perfect reel for anglers who want to push their limits in the quest for big game species.
  • IPX5 Sealed body and spool design
  • CNC Gear Technology with brass main gear
  • HT-100™ carbon fiber drag washers
  • 5+1 sealed stainless steel ball bearing system
  • Full Metal Body
  • Superline Spool


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