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Daylite sea rigs are popular especially when targeting Cod, Bass, Mackeral, and Pollock. These rigs are designed with four hooks and size 3/0 hooks, making them ideal for catching larger fish when jigging fish.

The rig is named “daylight” as it is meant to be used during daylight hours when the sunlight is strong. The rig is typically made with 60lb main line,40lb snood, and 3/0 hooks, ensuring that it can withstand the pressure and weight of larger fish.

The four-hook design allows the angler to increase their chances of catching fish, especially in areas where fish are abundant. The size 1/0 hooks are ideal for medium-sized fish and are designed to minimize harm to the fish while making it easy to remove them from the hook.

Their four-hook design and size 3/0 hooks make them suitable for catching medium to large fish while minimizing harm to the fish.


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