Sonubaits So Natural Black Lake Groundbait 1kg


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So Natural Black Lake is a very versatile groundbait this can be used on the pole or feeder. It is quite active especially when mixed on the dry side ensuring continuous action. Perfect for all silver fish in lakes. When freshly mixed the groundbait and its particles come out of the feeder easily creating a good bed of bait and with the inclusion of lots of hemp, coconut and coriander this is the perfect combination for roach, and skimmers on natural lakes. This black version is perfect on clearer venues, or when used to darken off a mix.

Lee Kerry (England International) says “So Natural Black Lake and Lake are two of the most versatile groundbaits I use, it is my first choice for fishing natural venues for skimmers, roach and hybrids. It is perfect for fishing up to about 6 foot deep, anything deeper and I tend to mix it with So Natural River and soil to make it heavier and bind more tightly.”

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