Sufix Performance Pro 8 Braid 150yds Neon Orange 0.12 mm 2kg (18lb)


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Sufix Performance Pro 8 Neon Orange Braid 135 mt

An 8 carrier construction of thin dyneema fibers create a strong,thin
baided line that has high abrasion resistance and superb knot strength.

The precision braiding technology with a high tension weaving process
results in a round, smooth and supple braid with a consistent diameter .
It is soft, silky smooth, high visibility and has low friction on the
guides which results in silent performance and long accurate casts.

Ideal for all aspects of spinnig fresh water and salt water ,Salmon
,Bass, Pike ,Perch and Trout

* Please note these spools have a line class
rating on the spool and the box .This is not the breaking strain it's
the traditional US Rating .We have put the true breaking strains in the
options box .

If you are confused just give us a call on *


High Viz Neon Orange

135mt Spool

8 carrier construction of thin Dyneema fibers

Super strong

High abrasion resistant

Round and smooth for longer silent accurate casting

Sufix R8 precision braided technology

*Inc 10mt super 21 Flouro carbon in box *

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