TronixPro Live Bait Bucket

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TronixPro Live Bait Bucket whether it be prawns or sandeels, live bait is a deadly bait for all manner of species. Often, if you want the largest fish, a live bait is the way to go. This live bait bucket is the ideal, handy portable system that keeps live baits alive in an easily transportable unit. a hole in the lid allows the use of an aerator to keep the oxygen levels up in the water to keep live baits alive for longer. a clear top lid enables the angler to view the content of the bucket without having to open the lid. an inner mesh plastic liner can be taken out of the bucket to examine the live baits to choose which one is to be used, it can then be dropped back in the water, making things nice and easy. It has a robust carry handle, ideal for the shore or boat angler, as well as the freshwater live bait angler. Available in two sizes Small 33 x 23cm  -  Large 40 x 26cm


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